Biodynamic Birth Trauma Work

From the moment of conception
Up to birth nine months later
We are more sensitive to the surrounding environment
Then anyday in our life will be the case again.

Ashley Montagu

training 2020

In this 9-month body-psychotherapy training you investigate the experiences of your own life's beginning and the impact it has on your life now.
Think of experiences, like that you were not wanted, that the situation of your parents was difficult, that the birth was difficult or traumatic, that there were disruptions in the attachment after birth, that your mother was sick or had a depression, or that you were separated from your parents.
In this profound, healing work, old wounds and limiting beliefs can heal. Through physical and emotional repatterning you regain contact with your original qualities and life energy.


During this 9-month cycle, we work with the pre-, peri-, and post-natal phases. We work with body-oriented interventions, constellation work and bonding exercises, breath, mindfulness and massage. Especially the body-oriented interventions make this early phase, when we have no language available yet, accessible.
I work with a small group of max 9 participants and 2 assistants.

For whom

  • If you know or think you have had a difficult start.
  • If you feel that relationships often cause problems.
  • If you have already done a lot of therapy, but your problems persist.
  • If you are a body-oriented (psycho-)therapist and want to develop sensitivity for this early phase.
  • If you work in the field of pregnancy and birth, and you want to gain deeper access to these processes.
    Some experience with body-oriented work or awareness work is recommended.
    A free intake interview is part of the training.
    This cycle is an accredited professional training for body-(psycho)therapists. If there is interest, I will organise a group meeting for therapists who participated about the application and integration into their work.


    The cycle consists of 10 days of training and an individual massage session

    Constellation work:
    April 2020

    Birth work:
    June / July 2020

    Trauma days:
    to be planned in July / August 2020

    Individual massage:
    to be planned in July / August

    September 2020

    Training costs: approx. 900.00
    Costs for overnight stay and full board: approx. 950.00

    Ilona Göttges Assistants:
    Johanna Bronsema, Carola Trommel

    Contact and registration: